Out of the mouths of babes

I drop son #1 (stepson really) off to cricket one Saturday morning, and as his game is in St Heliers, head up the hill to Marx Bakery, where everything is gluten free. They have a huge range of stuff but because we have to watch some cricket and won’t be home quickly, I skip the frozen stuff. I buy some bread which looks really nice, some tortillas, some pita bread and some scones.

It’s been two months since I started this gluten free gig, and my 12 year old daughter asks if I think it’s making a difference. A month ago, I would have said no, but it’s becoming clear that my skin is much better. I say as much and say that I’m a bit gutted. My daughter, from all the wisdom of her 12 years, says “Wouldn’t it be worse if you had done this for two months and it made NO difference?” She’s right of course, and helps to put it in perspective.

We try the scones at lunchtime, and decide that the ones I made a couple of weeks ago were better – less crumbly and floury.

Tip of the week this week? Eat GF bread type products HOT and fresh! They taste MUCH better.


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