$$$$$$ – the costs

Bread – on average $4 more a loaf.

Christmas Mince Pies – on average $12.00 for a half dozen! $8 more than normal. No Christmas mince pies for me.

Breakfast cereal – $2 more a box, but if you want to get the expensive stuff, you’re looking at about $12.00 a kilo. I tend to buy one of the cheaper ones and mix with one of the expensive ones.

Flour – you can buy pre-mixed stuff, about $5 per kilo, or mix your own, about the same price but then you can get the type of flour you want.

Biscuits – they’re out there, about $8.00 for a half dozen.

Yikes! It’s just not cheap! I guess there isn’t the volume to be able to produce this cheaply, but even so!


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