A Very Merry Gluten Free Christmas

Well, here we go, the first gluten free Christmas, and it worked so well!!

I stuffed the turkey with gluten free bread and a variety of herbs, onion, lemon and so on. Yum, yum, yum and the best thing of all was that if I hadn’t told my family, no-one would have known the stuffing was gluten free! We did salads, so a potato salad was great, and provided bread for those who could eat it.

For desserts we had meringues, pavlova and a Christmas pudding, non gluten-free because I didn’t quite get around to making one! I did make a gluten free Christmas cake though, recipes in the recipe section. I also made my Indian spiced nuts – jars and jars and jars of them! – as gifts and we ate a fair few of those too!

This followed a fabulous 40th birthday dinner for my sister in law the week before, at which HER mother had managed to make 80% of the dinner gluten free, just for me! Incredibly kind of her.

Speaking of easy dinners out, BBQs seem to be the best. I make sure I take a potato salad or gluten free sausages (which actually are awesome, lots of meat, no padding!) or steak or kebabs and it’s all good. Much easier to avoid the gluten than in a regular dinner party meal.

So all in all, eating out hasn’t been too bad. I loathe and detest being high maintenance though. I’m used to being a low maintenance person, easy to have as a visitor, easy generally. This gluten-free thing has me feeling like I’m just fussy and demanding and I don’t like it at all.


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