H is for Hot – and not in a good way!

Work meetings today at 9.00 and 10.00am over on the North Shore. Normally at rush hour, I can get there in about 35 minutes. Today it was an hour and 5, and just as I was about to pull into the cafe to buy coffee to take to my first meeting, I noticed that the temperature gauge had suddenly hit H for HOT and there was steam coming out of the bonnet. I decided to drive the extra 50 metres to the cafe, parked safely and called the AA, and then went into the cafe, which happened to be New Gusto in Albany.

The AA man arrived incredibly fast, and was even faster diagnosing the problem – he opened the bonnet and there it was, in all its glory, my split radiator. “Do not drive it” was his advice and he called a tow truck. I managed to reschedule one of my meetings to the cafe, and decided that seeing as I was there, I might as well grab some breakfast. This is where this post gets to be about gluten free things!

New Gusto has a menu board up on their wall. Beside anything which is gluten free or can come gluten free, there is a big orange star. And there are orange stars against literally two thirds of the menu! So I thought I’d try the French toast with bacon and bananas – the gluten free version! It was great! Another huge tick for New Gusto! And best of all? Free wireless, so I was able to sit and work until my meeting person arrived.

On balance, I’d have to say I had the luck of the Irish with me.  Here’s how it panned out:

Bad luck: Radiator cracked.

Bad luck: I was miles away from home

Good luck: I wasn’t on the motorway.

Good luck: I was near a great cafe which fed, watered and connected me.

Good luck: The AA man was very quick, and said it was good that I had noticed immediately and pulled over, so there was no damage to the engine.

Good luck: Our normal garage managed to find me a loaner car, so I was able to collect some children from school. The loaner car is a large Toyota van which they normally only loan to tradespeople, but hey, it’s a set of wheels!

Thanks for keeping an eye on me St Paddy!


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