Hats, canals and now the Panama Bakery – gluten free!

This follows on from my recent blog about the poor food choices available at hotel conferences. On a previous trip to Wellington, this picture popped up in my in box from a work colleague:

There was also the welcome information that this bakery was   just around the corner from the Intercontinental. After the lack of breakfast (yes that was my fault!) and the no-gluten-free morning tea options, I nipped out of the show and headed around the corner to the Panama Bakery, on Panama Street.

I was greeted with a huge selection of gluten free cakes and slices, muffins, even pies – woohoo!! The staff were very friendly and helpful and happy to chat.

I had to go back in the afternoon after the poor excuse for afternoon tea – and because I’d given away the peppermint chocolate slice that I’d bought to another GF attendee who was desperately hungry! So I purchased my second peppermint chocolate slice of the day and can I just say – YUM!

Gluten free bakeries are very few and far between it seems. Marx is out in Kohimarama, which is a good 30 minute drive for me. The Gluten Free Grocer is sort of on my way home from work, and has a lovely selection of baked goods but isn’t always convenient during the weekend. It was really nice to find a bakery in the centre of Wellington and must be great for people working in the CBD. A far better innovation than hats or canals I think!

The Panama Bakery, http://www.panamabakery.co.nz/


One thought on “Hats, canals and now the Panama Bakery – gluten free!

  1. I was told about this bakery from a gluten free friend who lives in Wellington. I went to Wellington not long after but they are only open during the week. I’ll have to wait until I take another business trip to Wellington.

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