Another conference, another hotel, another lot of gluten-filled food.

Yep, you guessed it. I’m back on the trade show merry-go-round and was at another hotel on Thursday. Here’s how it went: breakfast finger food – pastries and muffins. Morning and afternoon tea – to be fair, I missed this. Lunch – roast lamb, roasted baby potatoes, carrot and swede gratin, green salad, lots of bread, various condiments, cheese and crackers.

So plenty that I could eat for lunch. But was ANY of it labelled as vegetarian or gluten-free? Not a one. Was this a low quality hotel? Well, you be the judge. It was the Hilton, out on Princes Wharf.  Apparently the quality of the hotel has no reflection on whether they will bother to label their food.

Come on people, get with the programme! At the very least, note details on your labels. At best, provide some better gluten-free options!!

Three more shows to go over the next two months, so we’ll see how we do. One is run by our company and I know what food we’ve had the last couple of years, so I’d better have a word with th e organisers as there will be nothing I can eat otherwise. I’ll keep you posted.


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