In which I experience the drawbacks of being a lazy pixie…

As I sat in the bar cursing my chardonnay (it was a wet, wild winter evening and I could have neither  beer nor a red wine) and watching my husband order dinner for us, I idly thought that I should have got off my arse and done it for us. Two days later, when my face was blotchy and red, I KNEW that I should have been less lazy.

I had seen a lovely looking plate of nachos and decided that I wanted those for dinner. There were lots of gluten free options (like salmon on mash) on the menu at the Cardrona (Speights Ale House), but we were propping up at bar tables on high stools and no-one else was eating, so the nachos seemed like a good option. However, I really should have gone up and asked those all important questions like “Are these made with plain corn chips?”. The problem is that I was feeling lazy. I was feeling low maintenance. I already had to drink white wine on a cold horrible night. I didn’t want to be demanding and high maintenance. I didn’t want to make a fuss in front of people I didn’t know well. And most of all, I couldn’t be bothered getting up to order dinner for myself.

When the nachos came, they looked great, but it was completely obvious they weren’t plain corn chips and in most cases, the coated ones have wheat flour in them. I ate mostly topping, but I did eat quite a few corn chips as well. And may I say that the nachos themselves were very nice indeed. I’d like to bitch and moan and say that the pub should have labelled their menu better, and they probably should have, but this was completely my own doing.

Lesson for today? It’s better to be high maintenance than have a bad reaction to something I KNEW I shouldn’t have eaten!


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