SkyCity Convention Centre leads the way in conference food

Another week, another conference, another lot of crappy food – or maybe not!

I rocked up to the CIO Summit this morning to help out on our booth to find more tea being served. Sandwiches were on offer. Yep, nice looking club sandwiches with fresh white or wheatmeal bread. My colleague chowed down while I looked unhappily on. On the plus side, there were nice labels sitting by each tray of sarnies which said exactly what they were, then following in red lettering were the words Vegetarian, contains gluten.

So OK, no gluten-free options, but at least the sarnies were clearly labelled. I was going to head back to the office late morning, but my boss said “You should stay for lunch. There was lots of gluten-free food. I notice these things now.” So I stayed. And blow me down, when I went to see what was on the lunch menu, there was the red lettering again. This time clearly identifying dairy free, gluten-free, vegetarian and also identifying items which were not free of the ingredients, so that there could be no mistake.

Wow. I had Thai chicken and basmati rice, steak with mash and crispy thin strips of leek, salmon and shallots, Mediterranean roast vege salad and so on. There were only a couple of things I couldn’t have on the main table. Neither of the dessert options was gluten-free, but there were apples available.

My only niggles were the lack of a gluten-free option for morning tea, and the lack of sweet things at lunchtime. That said, the labelling and the variety of food provided MORE than made up for it. Well done SkyCity Convention Centre – you get a great big thumbs’ up from the gluten-free portion of your audience for today!

People who are booking conferences and are worried about catering for dietary restrictions, get yourselves over to SkyCity!


2 thoughts on “SkyCity Convention Centre leads the way in conference food

  1. Fantastic. At last. But I do agree about the morning tea options. They were obviously conscious of the need for gluten free so where were the sweet and morning tea options. Not quite there yet but closer.

  2. I did nave to laugh at the colleague chewing down and you looking unhappily on. That is such an awful feeling and at those times I feel so sorry for myself and I hate it.

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