ASB Showgrounds great venue for a conference, shame about the food

Another Trade Show, another bad food day. When will these venues ever learn about labeling food? I feel like a broken record. This wasn’t a catered event; there was a cafe onsite.  And what did theat cafe have?

No sweet food, not too unusual. Sushi, great, but it was half and half salmon with chicken teriyaki, which of course has soy sauce. That was it. There was a curry, but who knows what was in that. And a chicken stir fry, with, you guessed it, soy sauce. Muffins and cakes of course. To be fair, there was a fruit platter.

How is a person with food allergies, or even with food preferences (like being a vegetarian) supposed to cope in these situations? It’s not so dire for me – if I accidentally eat something I shouldn’t, at least the worst that will happen is my skin will react. It won’t make me sick. Unlike any coeliacs in the audience.

To add insult to injury, at the end of the day we had networking drinks with food. The food was bread with dips. Lots of different types of bread attractively presented in a basket. Very friendly to those who can’t eat bread. This may have been what the conference organisers chose, so I may be maligning the venue, but they could still have offered rice crackers or something similar. Again, no labelling. The dips LOOKED like hummus, guacamole and tapenade, but who is to know?

I should have known that this would be the case when I attended the Gluten Free Food and Allergy Show in May at this same venue and there was almost no gluten-free food in the cafe (although they did have a sign saying it wasn’t GF)! Bet they didn’t sell a lot that day.

My recommendation? If you have to attend an event at the Showgrounds, bring your own lunch. I have another show in Wellington on Friday at the TSB Arena, and will keep you posted on how they go.

And completely off topic, I had an iPad on the stand today and it was just awesome! What a neat toy!  It even had a leaf green cover.  Sadly, I had to give it back.


4 thoughts on “ASB Showgrounds great venue for a conference, shame about the food

  1. Keep up the good work! Remember that sushi probably contains gluten unless you ask for it to be made with plain rice, otherwise they cook it with vinegar.

    • Thanks for stopping by Brett. Most of the sushi places I have checked add in rice wine after the rice is cooked rather than vinegar in the cooking, but you’re quite right, some of the mass produced stuff is cooked with vinegar!

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