Cadbury Pineapple lumps are back on the menu!

A recent email from the Gluten Free Grocer noted that Cadbury pineapple lumps are gluten-free. I knew they had maltodextrin in them, so was a bit cautious about this statement. I checked the Cadbury website and they were definitely showing pineapple lumps as gluten-free, so I sent them an enquiry asking whether the maltodextrin was derived from wheat. Here’s their response:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the gluten status of our products and in particular Pineapple Lumps. You can be assured that none of the ingredients in the recipe for Pineapple Lumps are derived from gluten containing cereals.

 As is with all of our products, if an ingredient containing gluten is present in the recipe it will always state “from wheat Oats or Barley” in the ingredients list.

 Legislation in NZ requires any ingredients derived from a gluten containing cereal must have the source (wheat oats or barley ) included in the ingredients list. So for example, where there is glucose syrup used and listed, if it is from wheat it will say (from wheat). If it does not say “from wheat” then the glucose syrup is derived from corn/maize.

 Please see the below link to the products section of our website which lists products and whether or not they contain gluten.

Cadbury gluten-free information

Great big ups to Cadbury for their prompt (same day) response and their obvious level of knowledge. Check out the page on their website too, as it even goes into detail on the mixed boxes of chocolates you can buy and which ones are OK to eat. More manufacturers should follow their lead!

I think I may have to celebrate with a bag of pineapple lumps!


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