The Perils of Travelling – aka what DID I eat for dinner last night?

So a trip to Wellington last week and another trade show. Everything seemed OK, and I thought I was eating well, but come Saturday morning, my face was swollen and red, arms, back and chest all itchy and I hadn’t slept at all well on Friday night.

What caused it? I’m guessing the food. What did I eat? First of all, on the plane on the way down, there were snacks – pretzels, cheese and crackers or biscuits. Anyone see a problem for the gluten-intolerant? I chose the safe option of a glass of wine 🙂 I got in quite late so just had dinner at the hotel. A grilled steak and salad I thought would be safe. The steak did come with a sauce, and there may have been flour in it, but hard to tell.

Breakfast should have been fine – bacon, mushrooms and hash browns. I popped into the lovely Panama Bakery and bought a very nice peppermint chocolate slice – gluten-free of course from their gluten-free cabinet. I was sorely tempted by the savoury gluten-free muffins which were just about to come out of the oven, but was a bit short on time.

Lunch was a beef curry and rice, which looked OK, but may have had flour. Dinner was a pizza at One Red Dog. I was very impressed that they offered a gluten-free pizza base. It was more like a flat muffin, but nice and flavoursome. I assume that the topping was gluten-free – you’d have to hope that if someone ordered a GF base, the wait staff would check that the topping was also GF, but that may have been a bad assumption.

The flight back was better, with jet planes on offer as well as biscuits and pretzels. The jet planes are GF and so I happily indulged (just as an aside, they were black, but tasted kind of like red ones!!).

Nothing of this SOUNDS too bad.  But based on the way I looked on Saturday morning, there was absolutely something there. The lesson? Make sure I always have antihistamines. And be more careful!!


2 thoughts on “The Perils of Travelling – aka what DID I eat for dinner last night?

    • I’m going with the pizza topping and curry. The hash browns were commercial Watties ones which are normally OK. Annoyed if it was the pizza topping though – if someone orders a gluten-free base, you’d think the wait staff would mention that the topping isn’t gluten-free. Or if not the wait staff, surely the chef would be able to tell the wait staff to check!!

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