Venerdi Organic Gluten-free range

It’s strange how you run across people and products in this world. On my email, I have a tagline which links to this blog. It seemed like a good way of publicising the blog. I manage my daughter’s waterpolo team, and in response to one of my emails to the team, one of the mothers replied to me. It turns out she works for Venerdi Foods, had noted my blog, talked about it with her boss and wondered if I’d be prepared to review some product. “Yippee,” I thought, “I’ve hit the big time!” Her daughter duly made the handover to my daughter at waterpolo and I brought my bag of booty home.

Chocolate BrownieTo review, I have the Coconut and Cranberry Chocolate Brownie, thin and crispy pizza bases, toasting baps and two kinds of bread. Even though it was after 10.00pm when I got home, the brownie was very tempting. I settled down with my chamomile tea and prepared to enjoy. The brownie has a cake-like texture, so is not as dense as a brownie you might make or buy in a cafe.  It’s more like a supermarket slice – one of those Ernest Adams type ones that you can buy in a little packet. The Venerdi brownie is nicely chocolatey and the cranberries are a pleasant surprise, although a bit inclined to sit at the bottom of the brownie. The only drawback from my point of view is that the coconut taste is very strong and I’m not a big fan of coconut. It does have a lovely taste and texture though and you would never know it was gluten-free. I’d give it a solid 8/10.

Toasting BapsThe toasting baps almost look like real bread. I had these for breakfast, a bit like a bagel and also for lunch with some soup. Yum. Yum. Yum. These were great. Very tasty, nice texture, and they toast up beautifully. 9/10 for these.

Pizza Bases

Wednesday, I decided it was time for pizza for dinner. I made one vegetarian pizza with a basil pesto sauce on it and another ham and vege and herb one. The base crisped up well and was light. It was a little bit floppy in the middle, but not too much so.  When I was eating it there was a bit of a graunchy texture on my teeth – I can’t describe it, but I had the same feeling when I used too much cornmeal in a loaf of bread once. So, the pizza bases, 7/10.

Gluten Free BreadAnd lastly, the bread – Six Seeds and Ancient Multi Grain. Like most gluten-free bread, this didn’t do as well when used as fresh bread for sandwiches. However, as toast and in toasted sandwiches it was lovely. I am a really big fan of grainy, seedy bread and it’s one of the things I have missed the most about being gluten-free. Both of the loaves I was given by Venerdi were wonderfully seedy and grainy, and had a really nice texture. Fantastic bread, nice with just butter, or hummus and worked really well with cheese and mushrooms. Enough taste to do well with soup and generally a lovely loaf. Price-wise, they are very comparable with most gluten-free bread.  I have seen Venerdi bread widely available at a range of supermarkets. Check out their website for a very detailed list of outlets. As toast, I’d give either of these loaves a 9/10.

I spent a bit of time on the Venerdi website as well. It’s a great website, very informative, simple to navigate round and I loved the story about the cows. The organic nature of their food is always awesome as well – the more reading I do, the more it seems that organic is the way to go for better health. Check it out at

So thank you Venerdi Foods. Many happy hours of eating will follow!

Note: These products were supplied to me by Venerdi for the purposes of review.


2 thoughts on “Venerdi Organic Gluten-free range

  1. I wish I could get their products here in Australia.

    That said, you may be interested in something I recently found online while searching on youtube that currently exists and is said to cure coeliacs and those with gluten intolerance. I have blogged about it recently at:

    Be sure and check it out!

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