My year of living gluten-freely

I’m not certain that gluten-freely is actually a word, but it occurred to me the other day that it has been a year since I was diagnosed with a wheat intolerance. It seems appropriate to take a moment and reflect, as I would at the start of a new year, on the year past and the new experiences.

So first of all, I have to say that it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it might be. Eating at home is a doddle, and just in the last six months, there seem to have been new products which make life very simple and easy. Eating out is a challenge, but I am mastering it slowly and learning by my mistakes! I am still horrified by the poor quality of labelling and description at restaurants, convention centres nd so on display. I am still really chuffed when I find somewhere new which DOES cater for gluten-intolerant people. I still reward cafes, shops and restaurants who label well and offer GF products by spending my money with them.

I am loving all the friends and family who now notice gluten-free places and foodstuffs and pass them on to me (discovery of the week is Tamari soy sauce – wheat free – thank you Jeannie!). I don’t love that I seem to be more sensitive to gluten than I was a year ago. I also don’t love that my skin still reacts to something even when I think I’ve been really careful. I don’t love that I think I’m going to have to omit egg yolk as well, because that makes my life really difficult.

The thing that I am happiest about is this blog. I started it because I wanted to provide a resource for other gluten-intolerant people looking for recipes, places to buy gluten-free food and tips and tricks. I hadn’t found this anywhere else in one collected place. I think my blog is turning out to be what I wanted, and along the way I have learnt all about such things as tags and categories, and how to blog most of all. Nice to keep up with technology (with the help of the 12-year-old daughter and the husband).

I’ve had over 2000 views on posts I’ve written. People are searching the internet and my blog posts are coming up (who would have thought pineapple lumps and Vogel’s gluten-free bread would be such hot topics?) so I’m using the tags well I think. An international blog based in the UK picks up any reviews I do of restaurants and I have other bloggers linking to me. And whilst 2000 views may not sound very much to those bloggers who have 2000 views a day, it suggests to me that even if I remove friends and family from that number, there are still people out there, complete strangers, who I am helping.

I think I’ll continue. I do find myself wanting to blog about things other than food – my life, the Rugby World Cup and cats amongst them. So this blog may gradually change over time to include some of those.  The picture at the top is one of these things – the family watching the Rugby World Cup opening festival from Mt Albert – we’d just been eating hot chips 🙂 In the meantime, thank you for visiting and reading, and please do comment on anything you find interesting! It’s amazing to see those site stats climbing and to find out what people are trying to find information on. Here’s to another few years of living gluten-freely – and delightfully so!


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