New Brew – not your everyday pub!

I know, I know, I only went out for lunch yesterday! But there I was again today at lunchtime, settled into the New Brew in Albany. I didn’t hold out too much hope for an easy lunch choice having experienced many pub lunches with no labelling. I was however, pleasantly surprised to open the menu and see:

Available in Vegetarian (V) Available in Gluten Free (**)
Even some of their burgers were available on a gluten-free bun. How good is that? I had the chicken, bacon and avocado salad (still on my eating healthily kick) and requested it gluten-free. My dining companion had the non-gluten-free option and hers came with noodles on top while mine had kumara crisps. A lovely fresh salad, lots of greens and enough bacon and avocado to make it really tasty.
The service was excellent with a very personable waiter. The food was slow to arrive however, about half an hour from the time of ordering. It must be the week for it. I don’t know how they go on cross-contamination, but it was refreshing to see a pub with not only a wide selection of gluten-free options, but one who labelled them as such.
Great value for money with generous sizings. And because I was with my boss, I also got to try their hot chips, which were home-made, with the skins on, and very tasty indeed. A big thumbs’ up for New Brew! You can find them on the corner of Rosedale Road and William Pickering Drive in Albany, Auckland.

2 thoughts on “New Brew – not your everyday pub!

  1. Thanks for the tip on this one, went up there tonight and it was a 10 out of 10 for us on the gluten free side! Amazing food and great service! Deffo going back there 🙂

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