Eat’n Park – Pittsburgh gluten-free dining experience!

Happy days in Pittsburgh!! We enjoyed a wonderful Bat Mitzvah and party on Saturday and my friend who lives in Pittsburgh said that Eat’n Park had a gluten-free menu. There’s one just across the road from our hotel, so on Sunday morning for brunch, we headed out.

Eat’n Park didn’t look like much from the outside, but once we got inside, we were very interested in all the yellow and black which was around. Apparently, it was game day for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and all the wait staff were in Steelers shirts. Even some of the biscuits were black and yellow iced!

I opened the menu to find all the standard fare – burgers, pancakes etc and then turned to the back page, and this is what I saw:

Happy days on the GF menu

Eat'n Park Disclaimer

So, not only a list of what I could eat, but also a note about cross-contamination, making it very clear what was safe and what was not. I ordered a burger with a gluten-free bun (hurrah!) and was very pleasantly surprised. The bun was a soft one, and quite sweet, but had a nice texture and taste. The patty was good and big, and there were the mushrooms and onions as advertised. This isn’t a fine dining experience, but you could eat healthily and it was so nice not to have to guess if some food would be OK for me to eat.

A big shout out to Eat’n Park for taking the initiative and making it so easy for someone with a gluten intolerance to eat there. Eat’n Park have 75 restaurants in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, their prices are extremely reasonable, and the serving staff are great. I also loved the support of the local team, which just made it a bit different. And the Steelers won 17-13!!


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