Eating out in Pittsburgh – Kaya

Pittsburgh is often called a drinking town with a football problem, but as far as I can see, it’s foodie heaven! Today we walked through the Strip, which is a market area and has lots of specialty shops, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, Pittsburgh Steelers’ shirts and the like. The girls went into Mancini’s Bakery, which smelt like heaven but of course wasn’t for me! There was an outstanding fudge shop which makes a fudge called Penuche (Dulce de leche) which is very like Russian fudge – and they had a sign to tell us it was gluten-free. The cheese shop was amazing and had a huge amount of cheeses, buckets of fresh olives and hams, salamis and the like. There was a kitchen shop, selling all sorts of amazing kitchenware (we didn’t dare go into that one!!). And we spent some time in Penzey’s Spice Shop, which has a wonderful range of dried herbs and spices, hot chocolate mix and so on. I highly recommend wandering round the Strip if you’re at all interested in food. Our locals tell us that at the weekend, it turns into even more of a market and the pavements are crammed with people.

We finished our Strip tour with lunch at Kaya.. Apparently the fish tacos are to die for! The first thing I noticed was Bard’s Gluten-free beer – yippee!! So I had beer with my friends 🙂 The next thing, as normal, no gluten-free notations on anything. I looked at the fish tacos and they weren’t gluten-free, but when the waiter stopped by and I asked what WAS gluten-free, he said “Which dish are you interested in?”. I said the fish tacos and he said he would check with the kitchen but he was sure they could do it. Two minutes later and he’s back to say that they can sub in a corn tortilla for the flour one, grill the fish with no coating on it, et voila. The fish tacos, gluten-free version, were in fact to die for – fresh, flavoursome and very, very tasty. A fabulous experience.

And just a note about corn tortillas. In New Zealand, these are hard and crispy – all fried. It is very difficult to get soft corn tortillas. Here, you don’t see the other kind so much! And you can buy 100 soft corn tortillas from Costco for $2.99. Wow. Hog heaven 🙂 Probably still no good for coeliacs because they are made in the same facility as the flour ones, but just fine for yours truly!

Off to Lake Tahoe next, but I would have to say that Pittsburgh has been the easiest place to eat in so far, and I would highly recommend it as a destination, not just for the food but also because it’s a great place to visit.


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