Burger Wisconsin Mt Albert

This is a very quick shout out to Burger Wisconsin, Mt Albert. We just ordered dinner, and once again, had the BEST experience possible with a takeaway. I asked for a chicken avocado bacon burger on a gluten-free bun, and was asked if I’d like the grilled chicken tenderloin rather than the crumbed breast. Big tick. Then they said “Our mayonnaise and our relish do contain some gluten. Would you like to have those removed as well?”. I need to say that I know a previous commenter to this blog has had an issue with Wisconsin (not the Mt Albert one). I have now been eating gluten-free for 14 months, had burgers from Wisconsin about 6 times from the Mt Albert shop, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they have asked me about the mayo and relish. To me, that’s outstanding service and awareness. As I’ve previously mentioned, I also like that they have a complete list of ingredients on their website and available in all their stores.


Good on you Burger Wisconsin Mt Albert, you make my life easier!


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