Airplane food – an oxymoron?

It occurs to me that in my recent blogging about our trip to the US, I neglected to talk about an important facet of our trip – food on the plane rides! Now I do realise that calling it food may be stretching the limits of the word, but feel that in the interests of full disclosure, I should report on the food!

I booked a gluten-free meal for the plane flights. On the plus side, I got my meal before everyone else. The dinners were pretty good, although on the way over, both the dinner and breakfast were accompanied by a rather nasty bread roll – heavy and crumbly.  My meals were labelled as Gluten-free, but they were also dairy free, which made for a strange breakfast with no yoghurt and margarine for the bread roll. The breakfasts on both flights were largely composed of eggs, which was a problem as I have as much intolerance to eggs as I do to gluten and didn’t think to specify a gluten-free, egg-free meal. Sigh. Interesting that the airlines consider that gluten-free meals must also be dairy free. They were only labelled as GFML which I assume is Gluten Free Meal I had to beg for yoghurt on the way there and back with breakfast! So I felt the meals on the way over were indifferent and they hadn’t made much of an effort to make them interesting.

On the way home from the US, I had a lovely dinner of salmon. No bread roll this time, instead corn wafers, which I quite like. There was an odd kind of pudding and a fresh fruit salad. Breakfast again was largely eggs, but there was also a lot of fresh fruit, jam to have on my corn wafer and again no dairy. So it was fresh and pleasant and once I got some yoghurt as well, was quite a nice breakfast.

So Air New Zealand, a pass mark on the gluten-free food, but a bit more variety in breakfasts is required and ditch the bread rolls until you can get a good supplier.


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