There is something that is better gluten-free!

I bet you’ve all fallen off your chairs to hear me say this, but I’ve found something that tastes better gluten-free! And as we’re coming into summer, it’s a wonderful thing to have found! It’s <drum roll please>……..



Gluten-free sausages are much denser, they seem to be much less fatty and have more actual meat in them. There’s a huge range out there and you don’t have to pay any extra for them. In fact the Mad Butcher “50 pack for $20 pre-cooked sausages” are gluten-free! These are the ones they supply to people doing fundraising barbeques outside their stores. My local Pak n Save has as many gluten-free flavours as they do non-gluten-free.

I’ve never been a huge fan of sausages, but am actually now finding BBQs a very easy way to be entertained at someone’s house. And I LIKE the taste of the gluten-free sausages. So hooray for gluten-free sausages.



2 thoughts on “There is something that is better gluten-free!

  1. Totally agree!! The butcher in Milford on the North Shore do some amazing (and massive) GF sausages too. Never a fan before of sausages as generally full of rubbish, but GF ones are so much better!

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