Of teapots and friendship

Tetsubin Tea Pot

I am a tea drinker. I love tea. I love the act of making tea and I love the taste of tea. I love the sociability of drinking a cup of tea. I love teapots. On our recent trip to the US, we stopped by a tea store in a mall in Pittsburgh and they had the most beautiful teapots. Cast iron, pottery and also lots of small and beautiful cups. I lusted after those teapots. I wanted those teapots. My fingers were itching to pick up, pay the exorbitant price for and take away one of those teapots. I even bought some extremely expensive white Earl Grey tea to taste. But I resisted the teapots themselves.

The next day, we were visiting our friends Marcy and Jim. Everyone else drank coffee. Jim offered me a cup of tea, and went to get his teapot off the sideboard. When he brought it back to the kitchen, lo and behold, it was the very teapot I had been coveting.

The teapot's best side!

Jim made a real ceremony of making my tea. He warmed the teapot, warmed my cup, used a very nice leaf tea and made me a delicious cup of tea. As my covetousness reached new levels, he suggested we check Amazon and indeed, the price was significantly less. The cast iron teapots were the ones I loved the most, and the price was reasonable, but we decided the weight of getting a teapot back to New Zealand made it an unfeasible purchase.

It was my birthday yesterday. My lovely husband produced a brown box from Amazon, and you guessed it, there was a teapot inside. The very teapot that I had loved.

So now, I have a beautiful teapot. It not only looks lovely, but it pours very nicely – an important feature in a teapot – and makes a wonderful cup of tea. Every time I use the teapot, it is like I am back in Marcy and Jim’s kitchen, watching Jim making me tea and listening to Marcy talk in the next room.

Summer teapot - bottlebrush in the background

And this afternoon, I found a further link with my teapot and my US trip as I tried to take a photo of the teapot for this post. My teapot went up on a post, went on the fort, sat in front of the blueberry tree and so on as I attempted to emulate the photographic genius of my friend Rhonda. As I was flitting around taking photos, I could just about feel Rhonda looking over my shoulder offering suggestions. I was going to put just the one photo in my post, but decided I liked all of these. And I’m sure you all want to see my wonderful gift, even though it is not in the slightest related to being gluten-free!

This is the best kind of present in my eyes – one which is beautiful, functional, desired and has strong emotional connections which generate wonderful memories every time it is used.


5 thoughts on “Of teapots and friendship

  1. Lovely article, Lisa! The teapot is gorgeous and so are your photographs. I think it’s fabulous that you have a daily reminder of your visit. Even better, it’s a symbol of comfort and warmth just like our friendship.
    I need a new teapot! Love you.

    • Thanks Bev! I’m taking a leaf out of the Gluten-free Goddess blog and expanding the blog a bit so felt justified in a teapot post 🙂 I was really pleased with how the photos turned out and still have a warm happy feeling every time I look at the teapot.

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