Mecca Viaduct NOT a Mecca for a gluten-free breakfast

If you’re after friendly helpful service, clear labelling on menus and plenty of gluten-free options, do NOT bother going to Mecca at the Viaduct.

It’s not often I write a scathing review about a place, and I do have some positive things to say about Mecca, but they are in the minority. First of all, the waitress we had at our table was very friendly and helpful. She didn’t know if there was any gluten present in any of the dishes, and didn’t seem to know what gluten was. But she was very happy to go to the kitchen and ask for me. My food (creamy mushrooms with bacon and sautéed potatoes) was lovely. And they were very happy to substitute out the potentially gluten-laden chorizos for bacon. The decor is pleasant, service was fast and the prices were reasonable for the dishes themselves. If you went for a combo of sides though it was very expensive at $7 per side!

And now the negatives. Not a word about gluten-free on the menu. Poor descriptions of the meal contents so that it was impossible to determine whether there might be gluten present. On checking with the waitress whether there were any gluten-free toast or bread options, I was told a blunt “no we don’t have anything like that”. For a restaurant serving breakfast, in the Viaduct with all the international travellers, this really is very poor. After asking a million questions, I ordered my breakfast.

To add insult to injury, I had ordered an extra hot, hot chocolate in a cup and it was delivered to my table in a glass. I said to the waitress who brought it over “I asked for this in a mug” to which she replied “we don’t have any mugs”. I pointed to the cups the coffee drinkers were using and suggested that one of those would do the job. She grudgingly took it away after my second repetition of my request for a mug. It was very poor customer service I have to say, especially as when they did bring my drink (in the cup) it certainly was not extra hot. I appreciate that this is a tiny thing, and if I hadn’t specifically asked for the drink in a mug or cup, I would have drunk it from the glass. But if a customer has made a special request and it has been noted down, then the staff should attempt to fulfill it.

So from my breakfast experience at Mecca, I would rate this two stars (and only because the food was very good and our initial waitress helpful and pleasant) and probably wouldn’t bother going back.


One thought on “Mecca Viaduct NOT a Mecca for a gluten-free breakfast

  1. Totally agree with your review of Mecca. I have had exactly the same experience there and won’t be going back. In fact workmates arranged a breakfast there a wee while ago but I didn’t go. My preference was to miss out rather than go through that again.

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