Travelling south? A great cafe on SH2 – Woodturners

Woodturners' blackboard

Ngatea is about half-way between Auckland and Katikati and over the years that my parents have lived in Katikati, we’ve experimented with different cafes there to stop and have a cuppa. By far the best, is Woodturners Cafe on SH2 south bound, just after the Coromandel turnoff.

When we first started going to Woodturners, they had a number of animals you could view – Shetland ponies, pigs and the like, which the kids always enjoyed. They have less of these now, and both the outdoor seating area and internal area have been substantially renovated. The quality of the food and service have remained the same however – extremely high. The savoury scone is an especially good product, although sadly not gluten-free. I was pleased on my last stop in to see this sign on their blackboard, so I did ask about their gluten-free sweet options, and was delighted to be told they could offer a lemon muffin. I was quite impressed that they reached into their freezer, pulled out a frozen muffin, heated it perfectly and added yoghurt.

Why don’t more cafes do this? Bake or buy a batch of gluten-free product and freeze it? The just haul it out on request? And be proud and advertise it, just as Woodturners’ do? Full marks to Woodturners for their sensible use of a freezer, and good advertising! Oh, how was the muffin? Excellent! And my husband assures me the coffee is excellent too!

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2 thoughts on “Travelling south? A great cafe on SH2 – Woodturners

  1. we are driving from Auckland today to meet around one for mothers day
    hope we can book a table for approx 8 Jodi Gibson 🙂

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