Galbraith’s – a great pub for the gluten-intolerant!

My husband and I took a ‘grown-ups day off’ today. No children, no work, no chores. Some of the day I’ll just leave to your imagination, but we also went out to lunch. We decided to go to Galbraith’s Ale House, partly because the food was great in the past, partly because it’s just across the road from the Gluten-Free Grocer.

We looked at beer first. Now Galbraith’s brew their own beer, so my husband took some time deciding on what to drink. I had resigned myself to wine until I noticed the last item on the list of beers – “Gluten-free beer – Scott’s Pale Ale”. Woohoo!!

Then I turned to the menu. Here’s what is printed at the bottom of each page:

Not sure if you can read that clearly, but it shows that they mark items as GF (gluten-free) or GFO (gluten-free option available). There are a significant number of dishes on the menu which are either GF or GFO, including fish and chips, which is what I had. The fish was lovely, with a tempura batter.

I thought the menu overall was very good. There are interesting combinations of flavours and foods, far out of the norm for a pub. Prices range from $10 on their cut-price lunch menu up to about $35 for their eye fillet steak, duck breast and pork dish, and we felt it was good value.

So impressive menu for a pub and great that they have gluten-free beer. I’d definitely go back again.

Note: not sure about their cross-contamination policies in their kitchen!


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