Family Matters

I’ve been writing on this gluten-free blog for nearly a year now, and I find myself wanting to write more and more about life in general, and family in particular. Although I began this blog intending it to be a resource for other gluten-free people, I think it is probably OK to talk about my life as well. There are a number of blogs which do this successfully, notably Gluten-free girl and Gluten-free Goddess.

BUT there may be no interest from the gluten-free people about my family life, having twins, or whatever else I want to talk about. So I’ll post these updates on my main blog but will categorise them as “Family Matters”. In time, if there is enough interest, I might branch out into a second blog. No doubt in the geek test, that is a question that will replace the number of email addresses you have – how many blogs do you write?


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