Living Without – excellent magazine for the food intolerant!

A dear American friend sent me this magazine for Christmas, and having had a good read through it (long way past Christmas though we are!) I thought I should tell you all about it!

It is published in America, so has some things that we can’t get here in NZ and requires a little conversion (exactly how much butter is a ‘stick’?) but has some great ideas. This issue obviously focused on Christmas, but there was also:

  • a great section on tapas
  • an article on making allergy-friendly play dough
  • reviews of new food products and cookbooks
  • holiday pies
  • an “Ask the Chef” section with answers to special-diet baking
  • a research round-up
  • a celebrity gluten-free interview
  • an article on eating gluten-free over 60
  • a gluten-free travel writer’s article about places she has visited and eaten
  • a pediatric Q&A
  • an article on managing anxiety about allergic reactions
  • a very useful page on Substitution solutions
  • Quick start guides to a gluten-free diet and/or casein-free (that seems to be bovine milk and milk products) diet

There were a pile of other things as well. Lots of advertisements for gluten-free products and although these are all of American origin, I have seen the brand names in some stores here. You could take this magazine to your local supermarket or specialty gluten-free store and ask them to bring product in if they don’t have it.

The other thing is that it wasn’t specifically about being gluten-free, but contained lots of great information about all kinds of food allergies.

I’ve also had a quick look on their Living Without Website and it has some great recipe ideas.

So all-in-all, I was very impressed with this publication and think it is definitely one worth purchasing. In the US, it is 6 issues for $US23.00. They also have gluten-free cookbooks and a number of e-books on their website and it looks like they do overseas shipping.

I’m off to make the Socca recipe (a flat bread which looks similar to pita bread, but made with chickpea flour) found on page 41, and eat it for lunch with some yummy salsa I made last night!


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