Eden Park – great game and venue, not so sure about the food!

This was the view from my most excellent seat last night at the rugby. The Blues played the Crusaders, we had a sit down meal beforehand and the weather cooperated by being warm and pleasant (just a few minutes of drizzle). But how was the food, I hear you asking?

I should preface this by noting that I didn’t realise that when I went to Eden Park last night as a corporate guest that we would be having a sit down, set menu meal, so I hadn’t arranged anything with the caterers or organiser. The entrée was a Thai vermicelli salad – that is to say chicken on a bed of noodles. Bummer, but I ate it and have to say it was delicious. The main course was grilled salmon, with a sauce, some steamed veges and a potato and prawn cake. Now I have to tell you that prawns rate HIGHER on my allergy intolerance list than gluten and egg yolk do, so in light of that and the beer I;d already drunk, plus noodles consumed, I decided to leave the spud. I was still fairly hungry and of course the rugby started before we could have our dessert, so I didn’t get to try the white chocolate mousse.

The food tasted good, but the portion sizes were very small and rich in allergens. The Thai chicken salad not only had the noodles but also had peanuts – not an issue for me, but so many people are badly allergic to nuts that I was surprised they served them. Then the prawns in the potatoes – again, seafood can really be a problem.

So as I said, it’s not fair to judge them given that they didn’t know I was gluten and prawn intolerant. But to have no options offered at all was more of a problem. And if I’d been paying for the meal, I wouldn’t have been terribly pleased by either the small portions or the missed dessert. Given that they were serving the same meal to all the tables, I would have thought they could manage to get dessert served as well. And sadly, the Blues lost to the Crusaders by one point 😦 It was still a fun evening!


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