New Gusto Cafe, Albany

New Gusto Cafe Specials Board

I am often over on the North Shore visiting customers and I regularly stop by New Gusto Cafe on the corner of Rosedale Road and Apollo Drive. When I swung by on Friday morning to pick up coffees for my meeting, I was greeted by the specials board shown here in the photo. I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture because I was so impressed!

I’ve talked about New Gusto before, and how much I appreciate their menu board, which has orange stars, denoting gluten-free items, and it is over two thirds of their menu. They also have in their cabinet a selection – normally half a dozen – cakes and sweets which are gluten-free and more savoury cabinet items as well. But the specials board was really, well, special! I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have been going there for over two years now and have been consistently impressed with their service, quality of food, and commitment to those of us who have a restricted diet.

New Gusto Cafe can be found at 119 Apollo Drive, Albany. They also have a sister cafe, New Deli & Cafe on 372 Rosedale Road, Albany. They don’t have a website or email address, but they are well worth popping into if you’re over that way.


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