Wicked Foods – a great example of gluten-free corporate catering in Sydney

Wicked Foods hot gluten-free lunch

I was in Sydney last week for a sales meeting. One of the two days, we were in a serviced office and had our morning tea and lunch delivered to us by Wicked Foods. First was morning tea which I foolishly did not take a photograph of! It was a selection of 5 small slices, biscuits and yummy goodness, all of which tasted absolutely delicious.

Lunch was a large sandwich platter, with nice looking bread and healthy fresh fillings. The hot food is shown in the picture to the right – a sausage roll, two felafels, and a crumbed chicken strip. The felafels weren’t outstanding, but both the breaded chicken and the sausage roll were absolutely divine. The sausage roll pastry had that slight grittiness which I’ve come to expect of gluten-free pastry, but tasted great and was an excellent sausage roll pastry. The filling was savoury and well seasoned. I was so full after this offering that I had merely a bite or two of the sandwiches, just for the sake of research! The bread was OK, but as you all know, I’m not generally a fan of gluten-free sandwiches and much prefer them as toast or a toasted sandwich. The vegan eater with us was very pleased with his lunch as well.

All-in-all, this was an excellent working lunch. The gluten-free and vegan special platters were wrapped separately and very clearly labelled, so no chance of the gluten eaters taking my special lunch. Highly recommended for corporate catering in Sydney!


2 thoughts on “Wicked Foods – a great example of gluten-free corporate catering in Sydney

    • Thanks for your question Nancy. I’m not sure where you are based, but if you are in Sydney, check out the Wicked Foods website (there’s a link in the post) or Auckland, look for my post on CDB Corporate Catering, also with a link to their website.

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