Stamford Grand very grand indeed for the gluten-free

My recent trip to Sydney involved several breakfasts, lunches and dinners and it’s always fun to get a feel for how well the gluten-intolerant are cared for in other areas. This trip to Sydney was more positive than previous ones have been. Our offices have moved from North Sydney out to Macquarie Park which is significantly further out. This was my first stay at the Stamford Grand, North Ryde and it was very pleasant. There’s an amazing water feature, an indoor and outdoor pool (next time I’ll take my togs) and a first class gym.

Captain Cook's Cove restaurant

I had occasion to have an evening meal at Captain Cook’s Cove. I was very pleased to open the menu and discover that there were clear markings for vegetarian and gluten-free options. And that there was a reasonable selection of them too. I chose to have a steak with a red wine jus and have to say, it was exactly what I felt like. I could have done with a few more vegetables, but the steak was beautifully cooked. I finished up with pavlova. Yum.

Breakfasts were also good. There was a really wide selection of fruit, yoghurt and hot food. A little more labelling might have been useful for me. The only thing I would add if I were them would be some gluten-free cereal or bread for toast. Even if they had a sign saying “gluten-free bread available on request” that would have been a very good thing.

But all-in-all, a very pleasant stay, and the water feature and pool through the middle of the hotel make for a very exotic feeling place. I wonder if the gluten-free labelling is common of this hotel chain? Recommended.


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