Wellington airport, Wishbone and gluten-free sandwiches

I was in Wellington this week for work – more about that in another post. I had an hour or so at the airport over lunchtime, so looked for food. I have to say that Wellington airport is actually pretty good with gluten-free options. There were a couple of salads in one food outlet, an Indian, and an Asian eatery scattered amongst the wraps, scones, muffins, donuts and cakes which I couldn’t eat.

That is me looking scarily demented alongside the Wishbone GF sign

I spied Wishbone, and as I was walking towards it, noticed this enormous pink sign!  Yes, gluten-free sandwiches in the same nice little packs as everyone else’s sandwiches. The only difference is a pink stick on label clearly showing the difference. The sandwiches were 30c more expensive than the non-gluten-free ones, coming in at $6.80 (ouch, airport prices). They used Vogel’s gluten-free bread and were fresh and nice and possible to eat as a sandwich.

They also had a small selection of gluten-free slices and cakes, and I bought a piece of ginger crunch for after. The slice part was very crumbly and the ginger topping quite sticky and a bit liquid, but Yum.


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