Naturally Organic – an excellent discovery on the North Shore

ImageIf you haven’t already had a look at Naturally Organic as a place to buy gluten-free products, I would recommend it. Based up on Rosedale Road in Albany, I’d seen the signs for it a few times as I drove past to work meetings. I was on the shore fairly early one morning and had missed breakfast, so I popped in to see if I could buy a gluten-free muesli bar.

The shop is all about everything organic, be it beauty products, cleaning products, baby products or food. But in amongst the food, they have a huge range of gluten-free products. They’re not quite as big as the Ceres shop in Ellerslie, but have about four times the floor space of the Gluten-Free Grocer in Mt Eden. And I would have to say that their range of products was exceptional. They had about 15 different kinds of gluten-free biscuit, a good range of breads, muesli bars and flours, an excellent range of breakfast cereal, a large number of packet pre-mixes for everything from bread to cakes and quite a few items that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The prices are comparable with Ceres and the Gluten-free Grocer, so those items which you can pick up in a supermarket are a little more expensive than supermarket prices. But it is well worth a look at this shop, simply for the range of products they carry. They also operate a comprehensive delivery service.

I’ll be stopping by again, maybe later in the day this time, to see if they have any baking I can try! But for the moment, I’ll continue munching on my Nutty Corners from Marx Bakery as stocked by Naturally Organic. Yum yum!


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