Gluten-free food and allergy show, Auckland 2012

Sadly closed by the time I noticed it!

Headed out to the Gluten Free Food and Allergy Show today. I didn’t bother to have lunch before I went out there, as I remember from last year that there was so much I could eat, I didn’t need any food before I got there! One of the big differences from last year? Outside the venue was a “fast food” truck – and here’s the picture of it! Very nice indeed. Also, the onsite cafeteria this year not only had labelling, but also had  a selection of gluten-free food – a HUGE advance over last year when they clearly hadn’t considered their clientele for the weekend.

Highlights for me? The bargain deal on gluten-free cereal from both Healtheries and Hubbards – three for $10, about half-price of the normal Pak n Save price. The lovely people at Healthy Food Guide who gave me the most amazing goodie bag because I subscribed to their magazine. And also the range of people who were exhibiting at the show. They weren’t just looking at the gluten-free community only – they were also looking at the holistic health of people. There were chiropractors, herbal treatments, ventilation systems and all sorts.

The other thing I really liked was that the organisers had supplied the exhibitors with signs which said “Contains nuts” “Contains Dairy” and “Contains Gluten”. It made it very easy to see what to sample and what not to sample. So overall, it was well worth the $10 entry fee, and if you have time it would be worth spending a bit there and attending a few of the seminars.


2 thoughts on “Gluten-free food and allergy show, Auckland 2012

  1. Was fantastic! Spent heaps! Lots of great deals there. Improoving every year and was great to see Jesters are now doing GF pies! In their stores by the end of the week.

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