Gluten-free muesli – the best of the best

At the recent Gluten-free and Food Allergy Show in Auckland I was pleased by the vast number of new breakfast muesli-type things available. I think the name of the show should have been changed to the Gluten-free muesli and allergy show because there were SO many available! A sampling of these were:

Hubbards with two new gluten-free muesli products – a Vanilla and Almond and a Berry Berry Muesli. Both very nice, and I really wish I hadn’t had a mouthful of the berry one just as Dick Hubbard came up to me and introduced himself. I managed NOT to spit muesli all over him as I shook his hand and told him how much I enjoyed his newsletter and that I had voted for him. One day I’ll be able to keep my cool meeting famous people! Both of these muesli are excellent, everyday muesli at a reasonable price (and Hubbards were also doing a special for the show). Sadly for me, they both have apple juice, so I can’t really have them. Dietary fibre is not too bad at 4.9g/ 100g and 4.2g/ 100g respectively.

Apart from the Healtheries and Hubbards ones, there were many smaller outfits selling much more handmade looking cereals. I did like the Nature’s Best Cranberry and Cashew Toasted Muesli, with its citrus flavour. It was very expensive however, at a show special price of $13.99 per 340g, and is imported from the US.

Healtheries were there with their excellent range of products and a really good show special on everything that they had on display.

The pick of the muesli for me (and I tried every one!) was Cec’s Gluten-free Muesli. Check out their website here. The show special was $12.00 for 400g (normally $15.50 from their website) but it was delicious. Very low in sugar, and with lovely flavours. At the price, it’s perhaps not an everyday muesli, but it really is the best gluten-free muesli I’ve tasted (even better than my previous favourite, the Brookfarm Macadamia Muesli), and was delicious with just yoghurt (the way I prefer to eat my breakfast cereal). There was no dietary fibre listed on the label, so I emailed Alister Buchanan who runs the company (and with whom I had a brief chat at the show). He says that they have not done the fibre content test on the product, but will be doing so before their next lot of labels is printed. Apparently, it was a very common question throughout the show!

I really like that this is a New Zealand company, sourcing New Zealand products. The price is a little prohibitive for me to have this as my daily breakfast, but it will be great for the occasional treat, or bulked out with one of the cheaper muesli available.

If I had realised how many breakfast products there were going to be, I might have gone earlier in the day. But then of course I wouldn’t have wanted to eat a pie or have a beer…but more of that in another post!


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