Gluten-free pies in a fast food outlet? Surely you must be jesting?

As many of my regular readers will know, I am on a quest for the best gluten-free pie. I have even taken to making pastry myself, and although I have had some considerable success with sweet short pastry, I am yet to master a savoury short or even a puff variant. As I wandered around the Gluten-free Food and Allergy show today, I stopped short at the sight of a Jesters stand. Jesters has shops in a number of the malls around the place, and they make pies. Pies which smell and look quite nice and which my children enjoy.

Now, they have a range of gluten-free pies. Only three flavours; Stockmans (Chunky steak), Maharaja (butter chicken) and the Billy T (iconic mince and cheese). I was tempted into trying the Maharaja (only so I could report to you dear readers) despite the hefty price ticket of $5.80. I would never pay that for anything less than a gourmet pie of a non-gluten-free variety, but needs must. The pie was great, hot and spicy, nice pastry.

Sadly, they won’t be offering the pies as hot in their stores. They will be selling them as frozen in boxes of four, for $23.00. That’s quite a steep price tag, but it might be worth it for those weekend days when the rest of the families get to eat their $2.50 pies from the local bakery. The price is comparable to other gluten-free pies, so they’re not being unreasonable with this. And really? They’re making gluten-free pies. Huzzah and well done to them! The pies should be available at all Jesters’ outlets from June 15th.


6 thoughts on “Gluten-free pies in a fast food outlet? Surely you must be jesting?

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am sorry to hear that they won’t be selling them hot in store (but the I guess I can understand why). I will have to find a Jesters and try them.

    • From the ingredients list, the Stockman is “tender chunks of lean steak, nestled in a thick, hearty onion brew. Protein packed.” Doesn’t sound like much dairy there! You’d need to stay away from the Billy T though – “quality lean beef mince, enhanced with Jesters’ famous onion-enriched gravy, topped with mouth-watering melted cheddar cheese”. The Maharaja should also be OK. These are descriptions, not complete lists of ingredients mind you, and the pastry may well (should) have butter in it, which may be where you fall down 😦 I’ve emailed them to ask for an ingredients list.

      Thanks for stopping by – do come again sometime!

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