Sky City Convention centre still getting it right – apart from the desserts!

It’s conference time again, and I was back at SkyCity again today. So I have to give a BIG thumbs up to their labelling. Here’s the example from morning tea:

You can’t really ask for better descriptive labelling, short of a nutritional breakdown! Of course this was the ONLY morning tea option, which meant I couldn’t eat anything. But at least I knew what was in it!

Lunch was the next cab off the rank, and again, fabulous labelling, irrespective of your food fetish or restriction. Here’s a selection:

So a good selection of items and these were only a few of the things on offer. But then we came to the desserts and I didn’t take pictures because I was too sad. There was a lemon tartlette, sadly not gluten-free. And a layered cake kind of like a tiramisu. Also not gluten-free. They had catered for the gluten-intolerant though – we had a bowl of mandarins. Now I had a nice lunch with plenty of options and I didn’t actually NEED a dessert. But dagnabit, I WANTED one just because I couldn’t have one. I’m sad to report I missed afternoon tea so cannot report on this.

So SkyCity Convention Centre – a huge shout out for your nice clear labels, your range of gluten-free options and nice lunch. But a big thumbs’ down for the lack of gluten-free morning tea and no dessert.


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