Elocin Foods Warkworth…what’s in the box this time?

Elocin Foods very kindly sent me through some of their product to review last week. I had heard about a gluten-free bakery up in Warkworth, and when Nicole contacted me asking if I’d like to review some of their product, I was happy to give it a whirl. Nicole spent some time looking at my blog, and was careful to choose products I could actually eat, which was very much appreciated and shows the attention to detail which Elocin pays to their product and customers.

Here’s the selection of food laid out on my desk at work. I had to fight my ravening workmates off, and only placated them by chopping up the Ginger Slice and sharing it out. The verdict was that it was nicely gingery, and not too sweet. The base was a little crumbly, but tasted good and the firm topping and strong ginger flavour got everyone’s vote.

So what else was in the box? First up muffin mix. Now all you regular readers know that in general I don’t use any kinds of pre-mixes and like to make everything from scratch. But I have to say that this one mixed up very nicely and has answered a question for me about why some of my gluten-free muffins haven’t been coming out right – the texture of my batter. So a nice taste and texture.

Biscuits – four different kinds. Afghans, apricot chocolate tops, hokey pokey and chocolate chip cookies. The afghans were thin and crispy, the choc chip cookies were very nice and the apricot chocolate tops were delish.

Fruit buns – they double as hot cross buns at Easter. The first thing I noticed about these was the weight – very similar to the hot cross buns I made at Easter. These are nicer than mine – better texture and a good flavour. I warmed them in the microwave and had them with butter, and even though I’d frozen them first, they came out very nicely indeed. I have yet to put them in the oven and toast them that way, but imagine they’ll be even better done like that.

The burger buns were very flat and quite dense and I was a bit dubious about them, but they cut in half well and toasted up nicely. The pita bread were hard to cut when fresh, but puffed up nicely when they were toasted and had a nice flavour to them. The bread sample wasn’t to my taste, but then it was made as a little bun using some left over dough from the morning’s baking, and was a couple of days old when I tried it.

I haven’t tried the pizza base or the flour mix as yet, so I’ll be interested to see how they go.

The best thing of everything that was in the box though were the cheesy bites. They were these little more-ish bites, kind of like cheese straws. There were two kinds of bites – a chilli and cayenne one and a cheese one. What can I say? Yum, yum, yum. The packet didn’t last the afternoon and I will be ordering more of these!

So my overall verdict? I think that this is good quality product. Elocin have a small but excellent product range and offer not only their own baked goods (made in a gluten-free kitchen) but other brands of gluten-free product as well. Their prices are extremely reasonable for gluten-free product – and this extends to their other brand products. Comparing to other online and in-store gluten-free shops here in Auckland, Elocin’s prices are generally cheaper across the range. Their website is easy to navigate around, delivery is fast and Nicole shows her attention to detail and personality throughout. In my opinion, the gluten-free community of Warkworth and surrounds are very well served by Elocin.

Just a note – Elocin sent me product to review at no charge, but did not recompense me in any other way for this product review.


One thought on “Elocin Foods Warkworth…what’s in the box this time?

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for the lovely review. I am so pleased you found some products to your liking. Those Cheesy Bites are a danger and a firm favourite for many people, they never last long once the packet is open. I have had to limit my ‘quality control testing’ and only allow myself one wee bite of each flavour, not several off every tray, when I make them up.
    Thank you again for taking the time to taste and then write the review.

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