How do the gluten-free meals rate on Qantas international flights?

I made a recent hop across the Tasman for work, and this time travelled with Qantas. I was pleased as it gave me an opportunity to sample their gluten-free meals.  My trip was generally very pleasant as I was in an exit row seat both to and from Sydney and the extra leg room was very nice indeed. I did feel a little guilty as the Cronulla Sharks NRL team players were all crammed into normal size seats and some of those boys were significantly larger than me. Then I remembered that they had hammered our Warriors, and felt much better about it! But I digress.

The meals both there and back were very plain – boiled vegetables, chicken with a bit of a tomato sauce or fish with a bit of tomato sauce.  A salad. Dried fruit. A muffin. All very pedestrian, but perfectly edible. One thing did lift the meal above the mundane though. On the way over, there was a really nice roll, billed as a gluten-free sourdough roll. It was light, fresh, had a lovely texture and tasted great. For this roll alone, I had to give the meal high marks. And to be fair, there was a reasonable selection of items, which you often don’t see. So a cautious 6/10 to Qantas. We’ll see how they go on a longer flight to the US and UK in September!


2 thoughts on “How do the gluten-free meals rate on Qantas international flights?

  1. I agree that the GF options on Qantas are okay. Beware the codeshare though! Without any warning (they claim that they warn you in the small print at time of booking) they codeshare with Jetstar. Jetstar have no GF options and absolutely no interest in helping those people who book a GF meal and are disappointed/hungry. This is okay on a short flight, but very upsetting on a long haul flight. Be prepared and take food that you can eat on a long haul flight, our outward flight was with Qantas. Foolishly arrived for return flight with no GF food (as the outward flight options were good) and spent 16 hours with no food! The return flight was Jetstar! When we complained on the flight, we were given a card with an email address….hmmm can’t eat that! We contacted Qantas who referred us to our booking agent and the pesky small print.

    • I had a similar issue on a code-share with Qantas and British Airways on a long-haul flight. Whilst they had GF options, they just ‘forgot’ to give it to me! And then had none left. Bah humbug I say! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience – really valid!

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