Wishbone saves me again!

Wellington airport is not a bad place for some who is gluten intolerant. I arrived at the airport at 8.00pm on Thursday night after a day spent at a conference. My feet hurt, I was tired, didn’t want to talk to anyone and was very, very  hungry. Almost everything was closed, but I finally noticed that Wishbone still had its cabinets lit up. They had not one, not two, but THREE options of hot meals I could choose from, plus a couple of sandwiches. Here’s what I had:

Not haute cuisine, but a very nice paella. And significantly healthier than the hot chips that were my other option. The flavours were nice, it didn’t taste like a pre-packaged, microwave ready meal, and it filled me up beautifully.

So thanks Wishbone! I’m pleased to see you at the Auckland domestic airport as well, and hope that you spread wider throughout the country very soon!


One thought on “Wishbone saves me again!

  1. I think Wishbone should be at all airports. They are amazing and such a relief for GF travelers. There are not many airports around the world that offer good GF food like Wellington.
    Good post.

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