Qantas International meals – I just wish I could eat egg yolks…

I spent 32 hours travelling yesterday. I don’t know that fun would be the word I would use, but it was pretty pleasant generally. Except for the person sitting in seat 51K who had their seat fully reclined for nearly 11 of the 13 hours we were trapped in that flying tin box. You were not pleasant at all.

But I digress. All that travelling time meant lots of airplane meals, and lots of sitting around in international airports. First up, the early morning flight from Auckland to Sydney. They offered breakfast on this flight, and sadly, the gluten-free meal also seems to be a vegetarian, dairy free meal, so there is never any meat or yoghurt and there is always egg. Here’s what it looked like:

On the plus side, the fried potatoes were lovely, the spinach great and the fruit salad fresh. Also, that roll you can see up there? It’s sourdough and fabulous. A really nice little roll.

Sydney airport was its useful gluten-filled self, although the always reliable Santos had gluten-free muffins and lots of naturally gluten-free snacks like almonds and sweet potato crisps. Yum.

The next flight was the aforementioned “13-hour having my little TV screen 6 inches from my face” fest. This involved THREE meals! Here was the first, and it was pretty good.

It was some kind of Moroccan lamb, and the sauce was very tasty. The lamb was very chewy, but tasted OK. Clearly it was spinach day for Qantas, but that’s OK because I like it! There was also a green salad, and the dried apricots were a nice addition. Sadly the Howie’s bread (hidden there by the apricots) was pretty much inedible.

I am sad to relate I forgot to take a picture of the “snack” meal delivered to us at dark o’thirty, but it was a very edible chicken sandwich on white gluten-free bread. In my defense, I had been snoozing and was 20-odd hours into my journey.

Two hours out from LA and breakfast was produced. Once again, egg heavy and no yoghurt. The people who weren’t having special meals got to have BACON!

I had sauteed mushrooms and fruit salad for breakfast. The little muffin thing had a nice flavour but was very, very dense in texture. I also got soy milk to have with my hot drink.

I do need to do a HUGE shout at, because at some point through the flight, we were offered hot chocolate or peppermint tea. That was truly awesome for someone who is caffeine intolerant as well because I got to have a hot drink! Yay!!

I don’t want to be too negative about this, because the meals were totally edible and had a variety of food on offer and clearly a real effort has been made to source good quality product. If it was me, I would find another supplier of the muffins and bread (aside from that sourdough roll which is truly yummy). I would also offer an egg-free breakfast, but hey, now I think I’m getting picky!

I had a 6-hour layover at LAX and have to say that the Mexican food there was very nice. The airport itself isn’t wonderful for a layover and I am looking forward to my 2 hours in Singapore which I remember as being a wonderful airport.

I’m travelling BA for the next leg, so will report back in!


One thought on “Qantas International meals – I just wish I could eat egg yolks…

  1. Thanks for this review, I have 30 odd hours of flying soon too LHR to AKL and then back again and my travel agent told me I’d be on Emirates, but I’m actually going to be on Qantas. I am lactose intolerant, but try to be mostly gluten free too (just cos I feel better) so I was a bit upset they seemed to stop lactose free meals since I last flew long haul with Qantas. Never fear, it turns out that the gluten free meals are dairy free too. I really didn’t want to eat Vegan on a plane, though normally that would be fine – just had visions of the carb heavy offerings you normally get in the meat free meals.

    That food all looks very edible actually. Bread is a tricky one, I find most people don’t realise it’s like cardboard and needs to be toasted. In saying that though, there are some fabulous options around now like Genius in the UK that is just like normal bread. I forget how bad other brands are as I generally only buy Genius now.

    I’ll continue to read all your posts on eating places in Auckland too – I’m so keen looking forward to coming home after 3 years, but I’m very out of the loop.

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