Napa Valley gluten-free food part 1 – C Casa

Yes, Napa is so good it’s going to require TWO posts. Actually, it was just one place – the Oxbow Centre, which is a food and produce market, and on the weekend, a farmers’ market. Mt friend and I were having a stop in Napa, CA and so had googled gluten-free food outlets to see what we could find. Not one, but TWO places came up, both located in the Oxbow Centre. So when our tummies started rumbling, off we toddled.

My friend has no problem with gluten, but in the interests of this blog, she kindly agreed to eat a gluten-free lunch with me (so that we could try out both places). She went to C Casa, billed as an innovative taqueria, and completely gluten-free.

The menu was divine – you can view it on their website – and Rhonda chose a salmon taco, one of their blackboard specials. Honestly, the whole menu looked amazing and I wished that we had been able to have several meals there to try a few more things! This is what Rhonda’s meal looked like:

There’s a large piece of salmon and a corn tortilla underneath that salad!

The meals tasted fresh, the flavours were piquant and combined well. The salmon was beautifully cooked and our only complaint was that it was impossible to eat tidily!

It was a very impressive meal, a very healthy option, and it was wonderful not to have to pick and choose from the menu to try and find things that appeared to be gluten-free. If you’re ever in the township of Napa, and you’re gluten-intolerant, run (don’t walk!) to the Oxbow Centre for a meal from C Casa.


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