Napa Valley gluten-free food part 2 – Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

Continuing on our gluten-free gourmandising adventures in Napa, I decided that as I’d never eaten Venezuelan food, Pica Pica was for me! PicaPica Maize Kitchen is located in the Oxbow Centre in Napa itself. The Oxbow Centre is full of amazing food outlets.

Again, there was that welcoming sign:

Everything 100% wheat and gluten-free. Yippee!!!!  I decided to try some things I’d never heard of, and selected a Cachapa with Pepeada. Yep, there you have it! It was a sweet corn pancake with chicken and creamy avocado filling. And although I’d had Empanadas before, I thought I would also give those a go. Here’s what my lunch looked like:

Cachapa on the left, empanadas on the right

I would describe this as comfort food really. The cachapa was sweet and crispy and the filling balanced it out nicely. The empanadas were three different flavours – refried beans, cheese and a three-meat stew, and came with a chipotle sauce. They were deep fried, soft but crispy and truly delicious.

To add icing to the cake, we sat at the PicaPica bar to eat, and I noticed this on their drinks list:

The gluten-free beer was Bards, which I’d had last year when I was in the US. It was so nice to be in a place where eating gluten-free was easy and just another of the offerings available. I do have to say that there were many people eating at both of the gluten-free outlets at Oxbow Centre, and my friend who was accompanying me said (and this is the highest compliment that can be paid to gluten-free food) “If I was to come back here, I’d CHOOSE to eat the gluten-free food again, because it was so good.”

I only wish we had one of these outlets in New Zealand. What a lovely way to spend a lunchtime, and how pleasant it was to not worry about hidden gluten!


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