British Airways – don’t travel with them if you’re gluten intolerant

Or if you do, bring your own food. I travelled from Los Angeles to London this week on a British Airways flight. They did bring me a gluten-free dinner and breakfast. Here’s the dinner:

It was a piece of chicken – not a chicken breast, but some kind of pressed chicken meat slice and then grilled. The sauce was nice – gingery and fresh tasting. The broccoli was completely overcooked and heading for soggy. The white stuff at the end of the plate? No idea what that was. Originally I thought it was mashed potato, but it seemed to have something slightly lumpy in it. Still not entirely sure what that was…

On the plus side, the bread roll was edible (and necessary, because I was still hungry!) and there was a piece of pound cake which was actually very nice indeed.

The breakfast snack however, was disappointing in the extreme. It consisted of five small segments of orange and about the same of grapefruit. That was it. The people eating the normal meals got a milk drink and a muffin which according to my fellow travellers was very nice. A bit more imagination please BA!! And I’m not even going to get into the whole not starting the in-flight entertainment until we were 30 minutes on our way and switching it off 30 minutes before we landed…bring back Qantas and Air New Zealand I say!
Added note: I then travelled London to Singapore, and Singapore to Sydney also on British Airways. London to Singapore was ok, but not outstanding, and I wasn’t brought a gluten-free breakfast. Singapore to Sydney was a meal of prawns and fish, which I couldn’t eat. To be fair, I hadn’t said that I was also seafood intolerant when I booked. I had a chilli beef instead which was lovely, although I’m not certain about the gluten-freeness of it! The breakfast snack was again a huge disappointment – one big puffed rice cracker and this time some yoghurt as well. Airline food is tricky, but this really wasn’t very good.


2 thoughts on “British Airways – don’t travel with them if you’re gluten intolerant

  1. Have only just discovered your wonderful blog. I too am gluten intolerant and totally agree with your comments about British Airways. My husband who is not gluten free had much nicer food than me and a whole lot more of it too. Also, as I have IBS, I can’t eat the puffed rice crackers and even if I could they are tasteless without some kind of spread. Great to have found your website.

    • Thanks for stopping by Maria! At least I was travelling alone so only had my neighbours’ food to look at. I was sadly disappointed with BA generally – especially because I sent them the link to my post and they haven’t even bothered to reply. Does rather reflect on their commitment to customer service! Do come back again, and also check out 365 Days of Gluten Free by Sleepinghorse – lots of tips and tricks and reviews!

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