Yes Dorothy, there is gluten-free food in Dublin

It was lunchtime. I’d had nearly two weeks of international travel (largely for work) and a friend and I had been wandering around Dublin all morning during some free time. I was hungry, but I was not very hopeful of finding anything much to eat. None of the cafes we’d  been past or into had much that I could either adapt or eat. I was feeling tired and discouraged. Then, I  saw a sign:

Yes, I do literally mean I saw a sign! We were on Nassau Street in Dublin looking for some less-touristy and better-quality craft shops. We’d just about finished our shopping, but had one more store to go to – Kilkenny. As soon as we saw the sign, we determined that this was our lunch venue. But first, there was the small matter of shopping…Kilkenny had an amazing assortment of lovely things made in Ireland. They promote Irish designers and really do have a great range.  Linens, crystal, jewellery, scarves, pottery, clothing and the list goes on. It was here that I finally found the beads for myself and my daughter’s Pandora type bracelets – I had thought I was going to have to buy something a bit cheaper and not as nice, but found some beads that I loved and actually couldn’t decide between!

After shopping, came food. There were plenty of options for food which was naturally gluten-free – for example the meat and salad bar. Choose cold meat and two salads and so on. Most of the hot options were also gluten-free. There were also gluten-free cakes in the cabinet, and glory be, gluten-free scones in a separate basket from the ordinary scones. And they were the same price! I do need to say that I can’t comment on the cross-contamination in the kitchen, or whether the meat itself was gluten-free (there was ham, which I understand sometimes isn’t). But here’s what I chose for lunch, and I was very pleased indeed with it:

That’s salmon at the back with a chilli sauce. Roasted vegetables at front and a roasted capsicum with sundried tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. And of course, the scone. The scone wasn’t outstanding, but it wasn’t too bad at all. All-in-all, it was a very pleasant lunch after a very pleasant shopping time. So, gluten-intolerant travellers to Dublin, fret not! Just ensure that you wind up somewhere near Nassau Street at lunchtime, and the crew at Kilkenny will look after you! It’s also in a variety of other locations in Eire, so look out there!

As always, Kilkenny did not pay me in any way for this review.


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