Phoenix: Lemon Ginger Pearl Biscuits

On my recent trip to Farros, I acquired these extremely yummy biscuits. They were a bit like a shortbread, but flavoured with ginger and lemon and iced with a little drop of lemon icing.

They come 6 to a packet and at $6.99 are a pricey buy. I could make these biscuits much more cheaply. However, for a treat, they were very nice indeed.

Farros had a gluten-free section, but they also had a few more gluten-free things dotted around the place. And they have Bennetts chocolates. Not sure if those are gluten-free, but my gosh they are yummy!


3 thoughts on “Phoenix: Lemon Ginger Pearl Biscuits

    • Ah, thank you for that! I think I may have read the post at the time, but it had slipped my mind! Either that or my subconscious remembered as I bought the chocolates anyway 🙂

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