Sweetie Cafe, New Windsor – lots of potential

A new cafe has just opened around the corner from our house. Yep, a five-minute WALK. We’re delighted and finally on a slightly drizzly grey day, we walked around the corner to see what it was like.

There has been a tea shop there before which didn’t last long, and a barber’s shop. This new venture is by the person who owned Salvation Kitchen down in Avondale. From the outside, it looks tiny, and it’s hard to see whether there are any seats inside. There are some tables out on the pavement. Walking inside, it is surprisingly large. There are seats against the window and a few tables and it probably seats about 16 inside. There is no menu, just cabinet food, but the cabinet food is lovely. A wide range of items, and an excellent and unusual selection of sweet food.

The coffee, according to the husband, was excellent. The hot chocolate was lovely – rich and hot. When we asked the chef what in the cabinet was gluten-free, he was a bit taken aback, but then went through the possibilities. There was a potato hashcake with prosciutto, a poached egg and pesto; frittata and a roast vegetable salad. Also a flourless citrus cake and two types of meringues. So not too bad for cabinet food. The food we tried was lovely – very nice flavours, well-presented and just a little out of the ordinary.

Our only criticism was that there weren’t many options for our 6-year olds. To be fair, they are a bit limited in their eating. Zac would have happily eaten a salmon bagel, or probably a pie, and ended up with a breakfast panini, but Conal couldn’t see anything that he liked the look of. We suggested that they could consider adding in some simpler food – ham and cheese paninis for instance – that would be more acceptable for children who are not gourmands. I would also like a couple more gluten-free options and a bit more labelling, but then I’m picky about these things 🙂
But for the most part, we’re very happy to have a “local” cafe which is truly local and which we can walk to, which has good coffee and friendly staff. Long may it last!

Sweetie – the cafe on the corner

Sweetie Cafe, corner Bentleigh Ave and New Windsor Road, New Windsor


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