Muffin Break and gluten-free muffins

Unusually, I have been a public transport commuter this week and have caught the train into work twice. My route from Britomart to my office takes me right past Downtown Mall, which has a Muffin Break on the ground floor. I recalled that when I was at the Gluten-free food and allergy show in 2011, Muffin Break did say they were going to carry gluten-free muffins as standard items in all their stores.

Here’s what I saw when I stopped by their shop:

If you can’t read the labels, along the top shelf, from left to right are ham, cheese and tomato then spinach and feta, then blackberry and apple, then pineapple and apricot. FOUR types of gluten-free muffin! I bought the spinach and feta one the first day. It was a reasonable sized muffin, but not one of those that is so enormous it’s almost bigger than your head, and certainly bigger than your mouth. The muffin was light in density and texture, had spinach throughout and a couple of pieces of feta. My main complaint would be that there wasn’t enough cheese, and it was a little plain in terms of taste, but otherwise, it was very pleasant.

On Day Two, I thought I’d try a sweet one, and chose the pineapple and apricot. Here’s a close up:

and this is what it looked like cut up:

You can see from this that the texture is pretty good, there is fruit all through it and the topping isn’t too overdone.

So all in all, a positive experience  and I didn’t feel that my $4.60 was a waste of money. Kudos to Muffin Break for offering a good selection of muffins and for offering them always.


2 thoughts on “Muffin Break and gluten-free muffins

  1. I used to work at muffin break! I’m gluten sensitive so I used to eat quite a few of those muffins on my breaks! Sometimes I found them a bit dry but if that was the case then I just warmed them and soaked them in butter 🙂

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