Gabby’s Cupcakes gluten-free!

Wandering through Lynnmall last week, and I came across the most beautiful looking cupcake stand. It was called Gabby’s Cupcakes, and there was row upon row of sumptuously decorated cupcakes. I assumed that there would be no gluten-free ones, but grabbed a brochure and walked on by. I skim read the brochure, and this line caught my eye “Gluten-free needn’t mean yummy free!” I turned around, went back to the stall, and asked after gluten-free cupcakes. She said “we don’t have too many left, but what flavour would you like?” and opened this (separate) box of cupcakes:

Reading through the Gabby’s Cupcakes website, she has a page devoted to being gluten-free and the clear message is that they feel people who can’t eat gluten shouldn’t be missing out on cupcakes.

Unable to choose between raspberry chocolate and red velvet, I went for one of each! The red velvet was a little sweet for my tastes (and that’s saying something!), but the raspberry chocolate was awesome. They looked SO beautiful in their little box, and certainly from the taste, you would never have known that they were gluten-free! I shared with some of my children, and the cupcakes were pronounced delicious by one and all.

Thank you to Gabby’s Cupcakes for thinking of those of us who can’t eat gluten.  From their website, you can find Gabby’s Cupcakes kiosks at Lynnmall, Sylvia Park, Westcity and Glenfield malls.

As always, this was not a sponsored post. I came across the cupcakes in the mall when I was there.


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