Beach Front Restaurant, Waiheke Island

During our recent camping sojourn, we took refuge at Beach Front Restaurant in Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island. I was pleased to see their menu had the most awesome labelling on it:

An excellent example of labelling

An excellent example of labelling

A nice big red GF against those items which were gluten-free. Sadly, there weren’t many items which were gluten-free if you didn’t like green-lipped mussels. Also, there was no offer of gluten-free bread or buns for the burgers, although to be fair, they were quite busy so I didn’t ask them, just took the easy chicken satay option. The back of the menu did offer a selection of pizzas and clearly stated that they had gluten-free bases available, which was all good.

The food was nice, reasonably generous proportions and fresh and tasty. The prices seemed high to me, but then I realised I was comparing against our local suburban cafe not one which is in a tourist area, and should be comparing to Viaduct Harbour prices, in which case, they were OK. The service was excellent, cheery and efficient.

A good place to stop for a bite on the beachfront, with both indoor and outdoor seating. They also had free wi-fi for those who needed to connect!beachfront-1Note: we had no blue sky the day we went, but Waiheke often provides this for us!


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