Christmas pudding the gluten-free way

Belated Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you had a wonderful gluten-free Christmas feast or feasts!

We had a lovely day, and I made my first ever Christmas pudding – gluten-free of course! You can find it at the Healthy Food Guide (it was in their December 2012 issue) and the link to it is included in my Christmas blog post for them in 2012 – Healthy Food Guide Gluten-Free Christmas blog.

The pudding was really easy to make and quick to cook – about 25 minutes in the microwave. It looked and tasted like a real Christmas pudding, which was outstanding, and the gluten eaters amongst my family (that would be the other 16…) thought it was yummy and couldn’t tell it was gluten-free at all.

The only drawback to it, and I think that I might have overcooked it a little, was that the edge was a little on the crunchy side. This wasn’t so bad when it was served fresh, but on each subsequent re-heating, the hard bits got harder and harder! In the main, however, it was awesome and cost significantly less than the commercial ones I had looked at. I can’t reproduce the recipe here as it’s not mine, but it will be up on the HFG website in about six months.

Highly recommended – now on to the Christmas mince pies!


3 thoughts on “Christmas pudding the gluten-free way

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I found my here from your Christmas Cake recipe on the Healthy Food site. I have a quick question about your Christmas Cake but couldn’t see an easy way to ask there: what size tin do you cook it in?

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