Gluten-free pizza bases -Macro whole foods

IMG00395-20130321-1732Those of you who are regular readers will know that I don’t often make things from packet mixes.  However a friend gave me a box of gluten-free pizza mix which she wasn’t going to use, so I thought I’d try it out.  The mix was very easy to make up. Here’s what it looks like on the tray:IMG00394-20130321-1732

I cooked up both pizza bases and they made up into a very nice pizza. The base is scone-like rather than the yeasty pizza dough, but very edible and my husband liked them because they reminded him of pizzas his mum used to make when he was young. You can get this mix at Countdown Supermarket but the friend couldn’t remember how much the mix had cost.

This was an excellent, quick dinner to make.

The finished product

The finished product


4 thoughts on “Gluten-free pizza bases -Macro whole foods

  1. Interesting. I have an aversion to packet mixes as well. My son gave me some Isobel pizza mix her got from the UK but I haven’t made it yet. This gives me a reminder that I need to make it and my aversion is probably silly.
    My aversion to packet mixes is from the baking mixes from the 80’s, very artificially flavoured and horrid but I guess things have moved on from there.

  2. I brought this back from OZZIE years ago before I got brave enough to start making my own but I really didnt like them. I agree very scone like. I use the recipe that came with my Panasonic breadmaker just replacing the flour. I find if you let it set for a good 3-4 hours in the warm breadmaler it turns out brillantly and very bread like. I like to shape it with polenta under neath as then it doesnt stick and has the yummest taste once cooked. Lately I have been making 8 small pizzas per batch as I found mini pizza tins (4 in a set) and they are great. Tip spray any base showing after topping with a spray oil as GF flour is harder to brown. I do like the chocolate cake mix these guys make but at moment have an influx of zucchini and have been making chocolate/zucchini cakes with raspberry yoghurt

    • My breadmaker doesn’t cope well with gluten-free bread dough unfortunately but I’m getting better at home made gluten-free bread. I really like the Venerdi pizza bases for pre-bought ones, but will certainly give home made ones a go, because people keep telling me how easy they are. Great tip about the spraying. Thanks for stopping for a look at my blog!

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